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Workshop Request Form

The Writing Center offers in-class workshops or classroom visits to the center. To request a workshop or visit for your class, please fill out the faculty workshop request form.

Plain Text Link:  

List of Workshop Topics: 

  • Introduction to the Writing and Tutorial Center Services and Expectations: an overview of our services, instructions on how to make an appointment, what to expect / how to prepare for a tutoring appointment.

  • Transitioning to College Writing: an overview of academic writing and research, college expectations, productive writing habits and strategies.

  • Using Upswing: an overview of the 24/7 online tutoring platform, a step-by-step tutorial on how to access your account & utilize the tutoring resources. 

  • Reaching Your Goals with Grammarly Premium: an overview of the software, how to use it to your advantage, how to access your premium account, basic grammar principles

  • Thesis Statements and Topic Sentences: a workshop on creating effective thesis statements and topic sentences for paragraphs. 

  • Outlining and Organizing Essays: a workshop on brainstorming and outlining essays.

  • Organization and Transition Words: a workshop on how to revamp your essay with transition words. 

  • Creating Citations (APA, MLA, Chicago... etc.): a workshop walking students through a specific citation style. 

  • Preventing Plagiarism: a workshop defining plagiarism and strategies for how to avoid it in academic writing. 

  • Integrating Textual Evidence: a workshop on introducing sources, paraphrasing effectively, and analyzing evidence efficiently

  • Revising and Applying Feedback: a workshop on revision strategies and understanding feedback.

  • Other: request a specific workshop tailored to your class. 

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